One Day It Will All Make Perfect Sense

”Absolutely everything is a preparation. Life is a collection of perfectly orchestrated moments, each one getting you ready for what’s yet to come. And though it’s hard for us to see in the midst of it, most of this preparation lies in the difficult experiences. It’s in death. In divorce. In sickness. In loss. In sadness. In confusion. Endless summer days are wonderful but they don’t do much for the evolution of your soul. It’s the heavy shit, the heartache and the pain, that gets you where you need to go. So know that whatever you are moving through right now, or whatever difficulties you’ve been through in your past, however painful, are the most valuable moments of them all. It’s through the cracks, through the pain, that the light gets in. Some of us are just blessed with a lot of it. 
So trust. Believe in the bigger picture. Keep moving forward and through and up, up, up. One day soon… It will all make perfect sense.”

Rachel Brathen


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