Always choose love

Hittade anteckningen nedan i telefonen idag. Kanske ett tecken. Hursomhelst så tog jag det som en påminnelse – vi är på rätt väg. Vi valde med kärlek. Det var allt jag behövde veta för nu ❤️

Here is the key: Always choose love. Every time. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be avoiding difficulty for the rest of your life – it simply means that you’ve made the decision to let your heart guide you instead of your mind. Let feelings of insecurity be a sign to take a deep breath and become aware if what’s stirring within you. Listen to the nudges of irritation that you are overcome with from time to time. They are here to teach you great things! Every difficult moment is an opportunity for you to choose love over fear. Be grateful for the lows as much as you cherish the highs.
Move with love and love will move with you. Give love. Give all you got. You can never run out.

Yoga Girl



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